Joining Therapeutic Horticulture Australia (THA)

Joining Therapeutic Horticulture Australia Inc (THA) ensures that you have a say in the future of our industry. Our mission is to develop programs, undertake initiatives and form alliances in order to achieve sustainable prosperity for its members. Our vision is a prosperous, professional and ethical industry that is recognised, valued and utilised by the public as a result of the environmental, economic and lifestyle benefits provided by our member’s products and services.

Membership includes:

  • The key benefit of all THA membership is the importance of being part of a national body that validates and promotes the therapeutic horticulture field and the work of its members, thereby raising its profile and importance
  • Opportunity to contribute extracts, projects, programs, case studies and research material
  • Discounted registration fees for THA Annual Therapeutic Landscape Conference and networking events
  • Access to online resources and news including marketing and research materials, job postings, and more
  • Vote in THA elections and/or hold office¬†(Full membership only)
  • Network with their peers at a wide variety of functions
  • Gain support and offer support to other members in current issues in their business
  • Training – Membership will also give you access to an extensive range of practical training courses
  • An informative public website and a Facebook page that features educational events, news and research about therapeutic horticulture and horticultural therapy programs across Australia and globally.

What it means to be a THA Member?

Become a member and connect with others in this emerging field of therapeutic horticulture. Whether you are currently working in the industry or looking for something new and not sure where to start, then Therapeutic Horticulture Australia Inc (THA) is for you.

  • We support practitioners in allied health, community gardens, horticulture and garden designers.
  • As a member of Therapeutic Horticulture Australia Inc (THA) you can:
  • build a strong network with people currently practicing therapeutic horticulture
  • learn what current research is saying about horticultural therapy
  • be informed about local events and programs supporting therapeutic gardening and design
  • find out about courses to up skill your level of competency
  • meet other like-minded people who share a passion for helping others through gardens